Transition Lenses

Transitions Lenses block out 100% UV radiation and reduce glare. Improved technology has made them so clear indoors, most people can't tell them apart from regular lenses. They automatically adjust to sunlight, getting as dark as sunglasses in bright outdoor light.

Transitions are scratch resistant and come in your choice of gray or brown tint. They are available in a wide range of prescription and materials to meet the needs of most patient's prescriptions and eyewear frames. Our staff will demonstrate to you why Transitions work and provide optimal comfort and protection.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses have features that benefit anyone who wears sunglasses. They improve visual comfort and reduce eye strain by reducing reflective glare. This further enhances contrast and gives colors a more vibrant appearance.

Conventional sun lenses reduce visible light, but they don't block reflected glare as effectively as polarized lenses. Glare is reduced with polarized sunglasses.

Polarized Lenses come in a variety of colors for everyday use or specific outdoor activities.

Anti-Reflective Coatings

Today's anti-reflective (AR) coatings are multi-layered that increases light transmission to 99.5%. Two distinct benefits of AR coating applied to your lenses are cosmetic and visual. Annoying reflections impair contrast and clarity and create spots and ghost images.

Your lenses will look better as AR eliminates light reflections. Also, you will see clearer as AR transmits more light to the eyes.

We recommend the Crizal Coating, especially for eliminating glare associated with night driving.

Progressive Addition Lenses

(PALs) let you view a number of optical zones without the segmented lines of a bifocal lens. The major advantage of PALs is uninterrupted vision wherever you look; a more natural vision.

They are more cosmetically appealing than segmented multi-focals. We recommend Varilux for everyday use or as a specially designed occupational prescription.

Contact Lenses

Our optometric staff fit patients in a variety of contact lens types in order to provide patients the best clarity, comfort, and lens for their lifestyle. For the first time wearer, our contact lens fitting program will determine the best lens prescription and fit of your new contacts.

Every year, there are new technological advances in contact lens designs. At your next annual eye health examination, we will make an evaluation of your current contact lenses and determine what changes will enhance your vision.